Artist of the Month- June


Congratulations to June’s Artist of the Month…6th grader Yesenia Ruiz.  Yesenia, or Jessie as she likes to be called, is a very talented visual artist. She has created some amazing art works this school year.  Her intuitive sense for color and pattern can be seen in her art work on display outside the office.  Students created an abstract painting of concentric circles onto a paper plate, inspired by the artist Kandinsky.  We then turned the plates into circle looms and created a weaving on to the piece.  Congratulations Jessie, I look forward to seeing more of your amazing artwork in the future!



Art Show at the Kilmer Upper

Thanks to all who came out on Tuesday night for our fifth annual Kilmer Upper Gallery Walk!  It was wonderful to see so many people come celebrate the arts and all the talented young artists we have at the Kilmer.  Snacks, music, and a scavenger hunt for the kids helped make the night extra festive.  Check out the pics of how the second floor was transformed into a gallery with all the students’ beautiful art.

Artist of the Month- May


Big congratulations to 8th grader Jamone Gilchrist, May’s Artist of the Month!  Jamone has skill and passion for the visual arts, especially for drawing.  He always dives head first into all of our projects in art, and spends a lot of his free time outside the art room drawing.  Jamone is also a great singer and dancer…a true Renaissance man.IMG_6364

The portrait Jamone drew that is on display outside of the office is of one of his favorite musicians, Lady Gaga.  It is a piece that shows his talent and his ability to draw realistically.  Good luck to Jamone as he continues on to high school next year.  We will miss you at the Kilmer…keep drawing and pursuing the arts! 🙂


5th Grade Donut Love ❤️


5th graders have been working this month on mixed media artworks inspired by Pop Art and…donuts!  We have been learning about the artist Wayne Thiebaud and his delicious-looking paintings.  We kicked off the project by watching this video:

Students divided their paper into fourths using a ruler, then drew donuts and other pastries into the squares.  We explored how different light locations change shadows, and added shading to our drawings.  Students used whatever mediums they wanted to to add color and value to their artworks- paints, crayons, colored pencils, oil pastels, and markers. Up next the students will be recreating a partner’s 2D donut into a 3D sculpture.  I think they are enjoying the project as I have gotten lots of requests to take these home asap so they can hang them in their rooms! ❤️



UPDATE: 5th graders this week had a BLAST making 3D sculptures out of their classmates’ 2D donuts!  We shuffled up the artwork so no one knew whose artwork they would get. The Design Challenge: Create a 3D version of one of the four donuts in the painting you received, using only white model magic (students would need to tint the clay to create the right colors) in one class period.  They came out WONDERFUL and we all had a blast making them and seeing them come to life.  Some of the sculptures will be on display at the Upper School Art Show at 5pm on Tuesday May 22nd…come by and check them out.

Artist of the Month- April


Congratulations to April’s Artist of the Month- 6th grader Maddie Cosgrove!  Maddie is a wonderful artist with strong drawing skills and a great sense of color and design.  You can see both of these evident in her latest art project- a contour observational drawing inspired by the Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein.

Maddie’s love of drawing is matched only by her love of painting.  She is constantly supporting her classmates with their art work, and is a great helper in the Art Room.  She is truly deserving of the Artist of the Month award…keep up the awesomeness, Maddie!

Artist of the Month- March


Congratulations to this month’s Artist of the Month- 8th grader Justine Joel Lara!  Justine is tremendously talented, drawing awe-inspiring illustrations and hand lettering that her fellow students love admiring.  Her artistic abilities have been recognized through being chosen by the Kilmer for the Youth Arts Month Exhibit last year, being one of the winners this year in the Volunteer Lawyer for the Art’s Holiday Card Contest, and for being accepted into the Boston Arts Academy for visual arts.


For this month’s winning artwork, Justine created an illustration for the Google 4 Doodle contest.  This was something students were encouraged to do outside of class.  Justine went above and beyond with her entry titled ‘Grow Old With You’, creating a design celebrating a couple still in love in their golden years.  In Justine’s own words “this  art shows how Google evolves through time and just like the golden love that my subjects represent, Google will surely be there to be with us until our golden times.”


The original was mailed into Google with the other Kilmer entries, but a photograph copy is on display outside the office.  Fingers crossed Google will be as impressed as I am with her artwork.  Congrats, Justine!