Artist of the Month- April


Congratulations to April’s Artist of the Month- 6th grader Maddie Cosgrove!  Maddie is a wonderful artist with strong drawing skills and a great sense of color and design.  You can see both of these evident in her latest art project- a contour observational drawing inspired by the Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein.

Maddie’s love of drawing is matched only by her love of painting.  She is constantly supporting her classmates with their art work, and is a great helper in the Art Room.  She is truly deserving of the Artist of the Month award…keep up the awesomeness, Maddie!


Wearable Art!


Check out some of the 3D jewelry we created on our visit to the galleries at Mass College of Art and Design last month.  8th graders had a blast making wearable art using wire and wire techniques!

Artist of the Month- March


Congratulations to this month’s Artist of the Month- 8th grader Justine Joel Lara!  Justine is tremendously talented, drawing awe-inspiring illustrations and hand lettering that her fellow students love admiring.  Her artistic abilities have been recognized through being chosen by the Kilmer for the Youth Arts Month Exhibit last year, being one of the winners this year in the Volunteer Lawyer for the Art’s Holiday Card Contest, and for being accepted into the Boston Arts Academy for visual arts.


For this month’s winning artwork, Justine created an illustration for the Google 4 Doodle contest.  This was something students were encouraged to do outside of class.  Justine went above and beyond with her entry titled ‘Grow Old With You’, creating a design celebrating a couple still in love in their golden years.  In Justine’s own words “this  art shows how Google evolves through time and just like the golden love that my subjects represent, Google will surely be there to be with us until our golden times.”


The original was mailed into Google with the other Kilmer entries, but a photograph copy is on display outside the office.  Fingers crossed Google will be as impressed as I am with her artwork.  Congrats, Justine!

Reinventing The Fidget Spinner


In anticipation of our 8th grade visit to the Living Treasure and Fabulous Follies exhibit at MassArt, students in the Art Room looked at Etruscan artifacts and their use of granulation.  We then thought about what the fidget spinner might look like as a historic artifact…designing and and creating a reimagination of this popular toy.

Artist of the Month- February


Congratulations to February’s Artist of the Month…4th grader Naica Augustin!  Naica has all the qualities of a great artist- she is creative, talented, and dedicated to the visual arts.  She is always working on personal artwork in her spare time, in addition to the projects we work on in the Art Room.

For this project, students painted cityscapes where they could choose any perspective of Boston they wanted to show…artist’s choice.  For her cityscape, Naica chose to recreate the exterior of the Joyce Kilmer School.  It is hanging proudly outside the office, come by and see her talent in person!


Field Trip to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum


It was an exciting December in the Art Room with two field trips to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.  Seventh graders visited the museum two weeks ago, and 5th graders who were part of Art Club visited last week.  Both groups have been using Visual Thinking Strategies in the Art Room, and had a chance to use VTS in the museum’s galleries.  Everyone agreed the Gardner is a very special place and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

Artist of the Month- December


Congratulations to 5th grader Ruby Dai, this month’s Artist of the Month! Ruby is a natural artist with strong drawing and blending skills.  Her oil pastel self-portrait, in the style of Italian painter Modigliani, shows just how talented she is.  Ruby has a great attitude and inspires her classmates (and her teacher) every art class.  Way to go, Ruby!