Artist of the Month- February


Congratulations to February’s Artist of the Month…4th grader Naica Augustin!  Naica has all the qualities of a great artist- she is creative, talented, and dedicated to the visual arts.  She is always working on personal artwork in her spare time, in addition to the projects we work on in the Art Room.

For this project, students painted cityscapes where they could choose any perspective of Boston they wanted to show…artist’s choice.  For her cityscape, Naica chose to recreate the exterior of the Joyce Kilmer School.  It is hanging proudly outside the office, come by and see her talent in person!



Field Trip to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum


It was an exciting December in the Art Room with two field trips to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.  Seventh graders visited the museum two weeks ago, and 5th graders who were part of Art Club visited last week.  Both groups have been using Visual Thinking Strategies in the Art Room, and had a chance to use VTS in the museum’s galleries.  Everyone agreed the Gardner is a very special place and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

Artist of the Month- December


Congratulations to 5th grader Ruby Dai, this month’s Artist of the Month! Ruby is a natural artist with strong drawing and blending skills.  Her oil pastel self-portrait, in the style of Italian painter Modigliani, shows just how talented she is.  Ruby has a great attitude and inspires her classmates (and her teacher) every art class.  Way to go, Ruby!

Artist of the Month-November


We were excited to have a new way to announce our Artist of the Month.  In the past, I have announced the winner over the loudspeaker at the beginning of the day.  This month, we decided to include it as part of the monthly community meetings.  It is great because the school gets to see who the artist of the month is…and gets to see the winning artwork before it is displayed outside the office.

Congratulations to 4th grader Ackheile Wright for being November’s Artist of the Month! Ackheile always brings a smile and a positive attitude to the Art Room.  He has a real talent in the visual arts, as you can see in his self-portrait painting where 4th graders learned about facial proportions.  Keep up the great work, Ackheile!

October’s Artist of the Month and Snapchat Self-Portraits


Congratulations to October’s Artist of the Month, 7th grader Reilly Moore!  Reilly has a natural talent for drawing and design.  She approached her self-portrait project the way she approaches all projects in art class, with enthusiasm and creativity.  In fact, this project was inspired by Reilly, who had suggested to me we take the Instagram Self-Portaits I do with 7th graders and update it with the Snapchat app as inspiration.

For our Snapchat Self-Portraits, 7th graders first drew themselves showing realistic human facial proportions.  We then had class discussions about the pros and cons of social media and the differences between self-portraits and selfies.  They then assembled Snapchat templates and were then able to get creative by drawing Snapchat filters on to their faces.  Fun was had by all on this contemporary twist on a traditional lesson!

5th Grade Art Club Starts! 🎨


5th graders in both classes this year had an opportunity to sign up for a new exciting class…Art Club!  Students in the class will be exploring art history, using mixed mediums in art-making projects, and using visual art to build community.  Art Club will also be using Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) to look at historic and contemporary art and visiting the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum twice, through a program called Thinking Through Art.  On our first meeting, the 25 Art Club students looked at artwork in this new, exciting evidence-based way.  You can check out more about the program here:

Our second meeting we learned about one of the most famous artworks of all time…Leonard DaVinci’s Mona Lisa.  Students then had an opportunity to create a Modern Mona, a drawing where they gave their own Mona Lisa a contemporary twist.  IMG_2924IMG_2925IMG_2926IMG_2928

The students and I are excited about this new creative adventure at the Kilmer! 😊