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Kilmer Students Soar…


IMG_4936Each year in the Art Room, the Kilmer Upper works together on a school-wide collaborative project. This year, our Kilmer Students Soar project is inspired by the What Lifts You project by the street artist Kelsey Montague. Kelsey creates large murals in different cities, where the viewer is invited into the piece. Participants are encouraged to post their photos with the artwork to social media with the hashtag #whatliftsyou to share their experiences.  You can visit my Art We Heart blog to learn more about Kelsey and watch some videos.

Kilmer Upper students each created a unique zentangle feather with what makes them soar/lifts them written on the back.  We assembled them into a large wing mural to be part of our Art Show.  At the show last Wednesday night, students, parents, and staff were encouraged to take photos of each other interacting with the wings and to add what lifts them to our bulletin board.  So fun to watch everyone having a blast with the art!

Students who participated in the Art Show scavenger hunt this year got their usual prize but also got their name added to a raffle.  The winner received a copy of Kelsey Montague’s coloring book…congrats to 6th grader Victoria Odunuyi for being the winner drawn on Thursday morning!


Artist of the Month for April


Our Artist of the Month for April is 6th grader Winnie Yuan!  Winnie is an amazing artist…talented and with a unique vision all her own.  She puts 100% effort into all of her projects, big and small.  She embraces her creativity and shares her inspiration and knowledge with her classmates.  She is a truly inspiring student to have!IMG_4958

For this project, 6th graders created Greek vases inspired by their trip to the MFA.  They sketched a story from Greek mythology, then transferred their illustration, along with Greek-inspired geometric patterns, onto handmade scratch paper vessels.  Winnie’s Medusa-inspired vase is a beautiful example of her artistic talent.  Congrats, Winnie!