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Youth Arts Month Exhibit: Opening Celebration this Tuesday night!


Next Tuesday is the opening of the annual Youth Arts Month Exhibit for Boston Public School students.  Come join us as at the Bolling Building from 5:30pm to 7pm on Tuesday, April 4th to see our students’ work at the Opening Celebration…it is always a fun event!  21 students from the Kilmer Upper have been selected to have work on display.  Congratulations to Olurimi Alofe, Lance Berry, Madilynn Burke, Maria Castillo, Leah Coffey, Rezart Comeau, Grace Donovan, Amie Kane, Sarah Kane, Mashal Kashif, Justine Joel Lara, Corey Lawler, Ayralis Mejia, Awo Musa, Mishara Nozea, Joseph O’Brien, Eveanna Rosskothen, Nicolleta Savvidis, Samantha Schell, Grace Sullivan, and Maya Valencia.

Check out the some of the students’ wonderful artwork, all hung and ready to go!



March’s Artist of the Month


Today is the last day of March…we are all excited for the warmer days ahead.  Congratulations to this March’s Artist of the Month…6th grader Nicolly Viana!IMG_4733Nicolly is a natural artist.  For this Chuck Close-inspired collage project, Nicolly created a collage of her interests and passions.  She painted a gradiant wash over the collage in her favorite colors and added a self-portrait drawing she carefully created using a grid and a photograph.  The end result is visually stunning and the portrait very realistic. Nicolly always comes to art eager to learn and ready to jump into our projects…she is truly an awesome addition to the Art Room!


4th Graders’ Slinkachu-Inspired Installations


Students and staff at the Kilmer may have discovered some miniature people around the building.  They are the fourth-graders’ art installations!  After learning about the street artist Slinkachu during our weekly Art We Heart♡ (where we start class with a quick look at my blog about fun happenings in the art world) , 4th graders came to me a few days later and asked if they could create their own mini worlds in the style of Slinkachu.  Who can say no to that enthusiasm?  Click here to see the Slinkachu post.

Students worked together in small groups to sketch out their ideas, scout a location, and sculpt their pieces out of clay and found objects.  Like Slinkachu, we photographed their work right after installation and left them to be discovered.  Check out a few of the installations-(top of page) zipliner (below- top to bottom) building a snowman, spiderman & villain, swimming pool/camping, gardener, rocket to the moon. 🙂


February’s Artist of the Month


Congratulations to last month’s Artist of the Month…7th grader Isaiah Viciere! Isaiah comes into art class every week with enthusiasm and a giant smile, brightening everyone’s day.  He jumps into every project and puts effort and love into his artwork.


Isaiah’s watercolor painting of birch trees can be seen outside the office for all to enjoy.  It is a beautiful winterscape he should be really proud of.  Great work, Isaiah!