Monthly Archives: April 2016

Gallery Walk


A big thank you to everyone who came to the Gallery Walk and Open Mic Night!  During the Open House session, the second floor was transformed into a gallery space with artwork from all the students at the Upper School.  There was lots of food, fun, musical performances, and an art scavenger hunt…a good time seemed to be had by all!


Artist of the Month- March 2016


Congratulations to 4th grader Ruth Aigbe!  She is the Artist of the Month for March.  Ruth is such a wonderful addition to the art room.  She creates wonderful works of art and is always eager to learn about new artists and new methods.

IMG_0789For this project, 4th graders learned all about the pop artist Keith Haring.  They explored gesture drawings with their classmates in the style of Keith, played the Roll-A-Haring game in small groups, and visited haring in the computer lab.  Students then created their own unique piece inspired by all they had learned.  Ruth’s drawing shows her attention to detail, visual talent, and that she was particularly inspired by the animation she watched on the Haring website.  Way to go, Ruth!IMG_0788