Monthly Archives: March 2015

Chihuly-Inspired Collaborative Art


If you have visited the Kilmer Upper recently, you may have noticed a large paper sculpture piece across from the front office.  Students this winter have been learning about the life and works of contemporary glassblower, Dale Chihuly.  Each student created a piece to add to our school-wide sculpture.



Each class visited the wonderful website of Chihuly ( where we watched a short biography of his life and got to see his large scale sculptural pieces.  We then looked closer at one of his series called “Macchias”.  Macchia means ‘spotted’ in Italian, and the students loved sharing what these spotted sculptures reminded them of.  They then created their own design and put it onto a coffee filter.  We made the flat 2D filter 3D by draping it over a cup and holding it in place with a rubber band.  The final step was to spray their filter with spray starch, which kept the 3D form.  Students LOVED seeing the colors bleed together as the starch spread and how they dried to look more like glass than paper!


It is wonderful to hear students talking  excitedly about the piece, trying to find their own and their friends’ amongst all the color.  And all that vibrant color has given a much-needed boost to the drab, snowy landscape outside…and has us all dreaming of spring!


February’s Artist of the Month


Congratulations to Jshawn Webb, the Artist of the Month for February!  Jshawn loves art and is always eager to start a new project.  He is focused, passionate, and talented…all very important parts of being an artist.  Jshawn loves all mediums, but tells me his favorite color is blue and his favorite project is the one he is currently working on…a painting inspired by his favorite song, Teenage Dream by Katy Perry.  Congrats Jshawn!