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Earth Day Bags at Roche Bros.!


Earth Day is coming up this Tuesday, April 22nd.  To get in the spirit, we have been working in the Art Room on a community project designing Earth Day messages about environmental issues we care about.  Students in 4th and 5th grade created a freehand design while the middle-schoolers designed and cut out a stencil to mass produce their messages onto brown paper grocery bags.  We created 500 grocery bags in total and delivered them to the Roche Bros. in West Roxbury.  The bags will be given out to Roche Bros. shoppers who come into the store on Earth Day to spread these important messages.  Hopefully some of our Kilmer parents will receive some of these beautiful Earth Day bags.  Happy Earth Day! 🙂

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Marathon of Kindness


If you have stopped by the Kilmer lately you may have noticed the trail of sneakers on the first floor.  In the Art Room this month, we have been taking some time to reflect on the anniversary of the marathon and the acts of kindness around it that have united our city. After a class discussion about ways we have been kind and kind things that have been done for us, students shared theirs by writing inside a sneaker, which they then decorated, cut out, and added to our Marathon of Kindness.  Students have been also working on Marathon of Kindness activities in Phys Ed with Ms. Wyman and spending time at the Community Meeting acknowledging these kind acts.

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March’s Artist of the Month


Congratulations to this month’s Artist of the Month…eighth-grader Tyler Williams!  Tyler is a very talented artist who is passionate about the visual arts.  He impresses his classmates (and teacher of course!) with his realistic renderings in the sketchbook he always has by his side.  He comes in to art class ready to work with his kind and respectful nature.

IMG_4207The artwork he was working on last month is this surrealist landscape collage inspired by the artist Joan Miró.  Students learned about how Miró and surrealist artists create dream-like imagery, so Tyler created his, incorporating what they had been studying about geometric and organic shapes and foreground, middle ground, and background.  Congrats Tyler, great work!