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Coils and Clay!


Fifth graders this month got to learn about the coiling technique in pottery and used their new skills to make their own pots and teacups.  We looked at the lives of the Hopi people in the Southwest U.S. and saw examples of their beautiful pottery.  We took a closer look at the work of the famous Hopi potter, Nampeyo.

Unknown louisville_200704A15_02


Students were ready to create their own vessels using this ancient technique.  They rolled their clay into long cylinder shapes and wound them into their pots and cups.  This class really enjoyed working with clay!

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February’s Artist of the Month



As February was wrapping up, I reflected on who had done an outstanding job that month in the Art Room.  The honor went to Laura Alicea, in Ms. Smith-Munnelly’s class.  Laura is a natural artist. She has a great visual sense and works fast, focused, and enthusiastically.  She is always excited for art class and we are always excited to see her smiling face.  Congratulations Laura on a job well done!IMG_4184

Fun Night at the Gallery Walk


On Wednesday night, in between sessions of the Open House, the second floor of the Kilmer was transformed into an art gallery!  Students and families came out to enjoy the artwork of Kilmer students and listen to live music performed by some of the seventh graders.  The Gallery Walk was a great way to showcase all of the students’ hard work and to celebrate their creative passion.  Check out some photos from the night…


This collaborative artwork welcomed families on the first floor as they entered the school.  Each  student created a self-portrait to add to it.  The piece will be on display for the rest of the year across from the office.



And a very special thanks to the 7th graders who stayed after-school to help prepare for the big night.  You guys are the best!