Meditative Drawing with Zentangles


Students in the Art Room started off 2019 by tapping into the right side of their brains.  After writing a reflections on the past year and setting an intention for the year ahead, students turned over their paper and created beautiful zentangle drawings on the other side.  Zentangles are abstract artworks, drawing structured patterns using ink on square tiles. You could hear a pin drop in the Art Room as students enjoyed the mindful state this type of drawing provides and the beautiful drawings that result.  Happy 2019!


January’s Artist of the Month


Congratulations to January’s Artist of the Month…fourth grader Caitlin Noel! Caitlin has a strong visual talent and comes to art each week with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.  Her love for art is contagious to everyone around her!  Her self-portrait mixed media painting shows her strong drawing abilities, her understanding of facial proportions, and her intuitive sense of color.  Come check it out outside the main office all this month!

December’s Artist of the Month


I am excited to announce the last Artist of the Month of 2018…congratulations to 6th grader Thomas Temple!  Tommy is an eager, enthusiastic, and talented artist. He brings a positive energy to the art room, and is always willing to take risks and try new things.

In this multi-media project, 6th graders practiced drawing using a grid in the style of the contemporary artist Chuck Close. Students took photos of each other using a digital SLR camera, and then used the photographs to create a self-portrait using the grid method.  Students layered their drawing on top of a collage representing images that represent themselves that they painted using a gradient wash.  Tommy was a natural at drawing using a grid and at finding images that represented himself.  The strong final piece hanging outside the office shows his visual talent.

Kilmer Artists Create Holiday Bags for Food Drive


With the help of 6th graders, our school had a food drive to support the local food pantry. Students spread the word and collected enough food to fill 9 huge boxes during the last two weeks of school before vacation.  During art, all students created beautiful artworks on 300 bags for the pantry to put the food in to help spread some holiday cheer.💗 Big thanks to Roche Bros. Supermarket for generously donating the bags!

8th Graders Visit the Fiber Arts Studios @ MassArt


We started off the week in the art with a super inspiring field trip to Massachusetts College of Art and Design on Huntington Avenue.  After having MassArt come to the Kilmer the previous week to investigate fibers and make yarn from sheep wool, students were excited to go to the college and see how students study fiber arts in a college setting!  We started off our visit with weaving on small looms, then got to visit fiber art classrooms and studios, finishing in gallery space where we looked at tapestries on display.  It was a wonderful way to spend a rainy Tuesday and get us excited for our upcoming fiber project (that was requested by students)…sewing plushies!


Artist of the Month- November 2018


Big congratulations to November’s Artist of the Month…5th grader Ginger Suh!  Ginger is a very talented young lady, she draws all the time and her illustrations are amazing, fun, and show her unique eye.  I have enjoyed each of her finished projects since she came to the Upper Building last year and am so happy to give this well-deserved award this month.fullsizeoutput_d94

Come check out Ginger’s self-portrait outside the office.  The 5th graders learned about the Italian painter Amadeo Modigliani, and then stretched out the proportions of the human face to create a similar style of their own face with oil pastels.  Awesome job, Ginger!

Artist of the Month- October 2018


We are very excited to announce our first Artist of the Month of the school-year.  Big congratulations to 7th grader Awa Diagne!  Awa is a very talented artist and is always drawing.  She fills sketchbook after sketchbook with her freehand drawings.  She inspires the other students during art class and has a true creative spirit.IMG_8578

For this project, students looked at the portraits by the artist Pablo Picasso.  They then created a self-portrait collage inspired by Picasso’s cubist style, showing multiple perspectives at the same time.  Awa drew separate features, cut them out, and resassembled them onto cardboard to create this portrait of herself.  It is on display outside the office for the month of October.  I hope you get a chance to see it in person!